Inspiration from Week 10/24

BlizzCon is LESS than a week away! I am extremely excited to be there for Blizzard’s 25th Anniversary! Will you guys be there? Or on the online viewing? I will be sure to have tons of pictures for you if you happen to miss it!

Here was last year’s photo album of BlizzCon: Link to Imgur Album

It was also Artstation Day on Oct 26th. A spontaneous holiday that I fully approve! I suggest visiting the Ten Thousand Hour FB group to see all the Artstation links that was posted! Find a new artist to admire and follow.

Last but not least, some bit of Guild News before we start the inspirations!

Guild News

New workshop will start this Tuesday, Nov. 1st!

We will be doing something a bit different than what we used to. We will dedicate a whole month to the theme, which this time around will be Fur! Details will be given on Tuesday in #the-workshop channel on Slack. If you are not familiar with #the-workshop, it’s a guild activity where we focus on a specific material and thru peer learning help each other get better at texture painting it. Participation does require Slack membership.

This was our last workshop, and you can find more of our older workshops here:


Now on to the Inspirations!


Nomad 33 has been hard at work making this sweet Battle Chasers fanart. You can check out his progress at Polycount as he continues to work on finishing this amazing character.


Antonio Neves is at it again! I’m looking forward to seeing more progress on this. Watch his progress at Polycount.


Ana Mendes (aka Zaphk) made some creatures for the DOTA 2 Workshop! They are all very cute! Look at the rest of the creatures on her Artstation.



Ivan Migay has recently posted a ton of images on characters he’s made for a couple of games.

See more here:

Royal Quest



Charlène Le Scanff (aka Catell-Ruz) posted a close up of the new Tyrande Hearthstone Card! See it here on Artstation, and other Heartstone cards on her account.


Yanagi on SketchFab posted a wonderful scene of this fairy prancing among her magical sparkles. View the scene here.



Drahkas Oguzalp Donduren posted some really neat concepts of mean looking….goblins? You can view one here and the other here on his Artstation. Though I highly recommend you check out the rest of his work on Artstation. He has more than just 2D on there, and they look equally amazing!

Inspiration from Week 10/17

So first off, Happy Anniversary to the Handpainter’s Guild! We’ve officially been around for a year and it’s been a great adventure. Thank you to all the members who have been around and kept this place going.

As of this week we have started a new extension to the guild over on Facebook!

It’ll be a community playground for getting feedback on your work, socializing with other handpainted lovers, and a place to share inspirational art.  It’s very much like what our Slack community is like. So come join us there or share the news with your friends.

Now on to the good stuff!



Peter Kyuyoung Lee shared the work he did on Legion at Artstation. He re-did some of the flying path mounts and made prop kits for different factions.

PigArt aka Laurynas Jurgila has really been working hard on these awesome looking weapons!
See more here:
Fire Staves
Curse Staves

As always, a pleasure to see more screenshots from Airshop Syndicate’s Battle Chasers game!


The rendering on this shield by Will Lieberman is so well done! I could easily see this in the game, but it’s actually fanart. See it in a 3D viewer and with callouts on his Artstation.



Ekaterina Shapovalova made these cute little pets for Allods! I wish pets in World of Warcraft and Allods could be shareable. You can see these guys on her Artstation.


Duy Khanh Nguyen is back again with another set he made for League of Legends! You see more of these guys in a 3D Viewer here.

Inspiration from Week 10/10

First, let me start off with an awesome lineup of the Star Guardians!!


Cody Blunt created this awesome skin for Poppy! You can see more of this artwork here and more of Cody’s work on his Artstation.


Duy Khanh Nguyen was the artist of this sweet skin for Jinx! You can see more of her with some really nice prop callouts here and more of Duy’s work on his Artstation or on the extra links that he provided on the left here.

I have been personally following Duy’s work and I also have to recommend everybody checking out his Blogspot. I’m not sure how much of the stuff there is also in his Artstation, but browse his Sketchbook and Traditional Art to get an idea of the breadth of his abilities as an artist. It’s not just all game art, there’s foundation behind it too. 🙂


Maddy Taylor Kenyon has created many beautiful skins for League of Legends, and this time shes made the amazing skins for SG Lux and SG Lulu!


See more of Lux here and more of Lulu here. You can find more of her work on Artstation or on the many social networks she has listed on the left side of the site here.


Not a Star Guardian but just as freakin’ amazing. (If not more so, cuz…FOLIAGE!) Daniel Orive made really great breakdowns of the assets & texture sheets for this guy. There are two pages for Ivern:

Page 1 – In Game Model Breakdown

Page 2 – Concept and Zbrush Breakdown

See more of Daniel’s work on Artstation or at the other places hes listed on the left of here.

Blizzard recently mentioned the Sketchfab “Legion” Fanart Contest that ended a while back. It’s nice to see all these amazing entries again!

And since we’re on the topic of the Legion Contest, special shoutout to Michael Barrington who is a member of the Handpainter’s Guild and created an amazing entry that deserves an encore aswell!


See this image as a Sketchfab here with texture and design callouts included. And view his work on Artstation!

Note: Handpainter’s Guild did not help him in creating this, we were just so happy to see him work so hard and make something cool!


Anatoly Dragunov has posted A TON of new work on his contribution to Allods! Please…go to his Artstation and view them all!

Inspiration from Week 10/3


Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen makes her appearance in Polycount  & at Artstation (includes a Marmoset 3D viewer) with this awesome fanart from MayaLee.


Weapons! Calvin Boice does them really well! Check out his post on Polycount to see more weapons from Legion AND on his site on Artstation.


Jesse Carpenter has really good examples of ground textures on her Artstation.



You neeeed to see this on Artstation! Tommy posted alot of callouts and beauty shots of this guy!


This is a great recording to watch if you want to see how this prop was made from start to finish.

Inspiration from Week 9/18


Ariel Fain has been updating her ArtStation with new asset from Legion!

Kenny McBride has also been uploading other Legion art on his twitter! So make sure to go thru his latest tweets!

Blubber Busters” is handpainted gem sitting on the Kickstarters Roster atm. They still need more money for funding, but I’m hopeful!


They’ve recently released a demo of their game, which already feel pretty good.


Fellow guildmate @Dennispls has updated his ArtStation with assets on a game he’s been working on!

Awesome seeing handpainted/stylized work in UE4. Grimwolf has alot of this stuff in his gumroad for purchase. He made most of these textures using Substance.