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We are a small, tight-knit community of artists that hang out on Discord to chat and practice texture painting in a fun, supportive setting. Everyone is welcome, so pop in and say hello!

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Need a place to start learning how to make handpainted gameart?

View our list of collected tutorials!

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Interviews with artists of the handpainted gameart community.

Topics ranging from Environment, Character, Prop Art. Advice for new and veteran artists. Career Advice. Insight on people's process.

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List of Studios

Looking for handpainted jobs, internships, or studios specializing in stylized games?

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Material References

A collection of handpainted game art pictures organized by material type for you to use as references.

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What is handpainting?

We reached out to a whole bunch of amazing artists in the handpainted art community to get some insight on how everyone defines the term handpainted art!

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Happy 4th Year Anniversary!

Every year I am so happy and proud to see how much this community has grown. We’ve ha...

Show and Tell February Schedule

We’ll be hosting Show and Tell on Sunday, February 10th and Sunday, February 24th. ...

Workshop: Love

February workshop time! For this month the topic will be “Love”


Workshop: Frozen

January workshop time! For this month the topic will be “Frozen”

Warm wish...