Inspiration for March

Welcome to another round of the Art Inspiration Newsletter! It’s been a month since the last one, so I have ALOT to show this time. (sorry, not sorry) In summation of what happened over the last month, GDC 2017 happened and we our 1st Handpainter’s Guild meetup in San Francisco! It was awesome to meet other guildies in person, and I can’t wait to have another one! Maybe…at BlizzCon 2017??


We have also recently moved the guild from Slack to Discord! If you have been waiting to join us, now is the best time! We have a healthy and active community, and our love for handpainted gameart is going strong! Don’t worry if you are a beginner or English is not your main language, we are a super friendly group of guys and gals. Link to join is here:


For the last bit of news, we have announced our latest Workshop! It is a very special one. This time we are including non-guild members in our fun & publicly celebrating Overwatch’s 1st Year Anniversary.

You can find more Workshop Details at Polycount!


NOW…. on the art!!


Sangyun Yang




Hans Hirth


Shuohan zhou


Hans Hirth


Nikita Zhuravlev


yang jie


dong chengchao


Blair Armitage


Lance Wilkinson


Genevieve St-Michel


Lucas Fernandes

[vimeo 208522424 w=640 h=360]

Warren Goff Animation Reel 2017 from Warren Goff on Vimeo.


Fanny Vergne


Ht Jiang


Airborn Studios


Jordan Kerbow


Linus Traggey Asplund




Maeve Broadbin


Esther Love

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Inspiration from week 2/23

Hello Readers & Guildmates! We have another amazing round of art for the month of February! Every time I do this, I am amazed at the skill and beauty I find from these artists.


A huge note for the community: The Game Developers Conference is less than a week away! It’s a great place to learn, network, and get a major boost of motivation. If you are going, Becca Hallstedt (her work is featured in this article) wrote a “GDC for Dummies” article that I recommend everybody read. The guild will be at the conference and we will be spreading the word of our community! If you could spread the word with us, we would be incredibly grateful.

Guild News: Workshop #9 is well under way! The theme is Baked Good and Sweet Treats! Come join us if you are a beginner artist wanting to learn how to handpaint in a low stress environment or a veteran interested in flexing your muscles!

Now on to the art!


Sangwook Kang


Greg Mirles


vlad ost



Zug Zug


Ashleigh Warner


Scott Kletzka


odon pachi


Laurynas Jurgila

Minionart has ALOT of really really neat tutorials. I highly recommend checking out their twitter and patreon to see more!


Peter Gandia


Dave Lopez



Becca Hallstedt


JiEun Moon


Jacob Wheat


Ancelmo Toledo – Drakata


Nick Gunn


Zion Ellis

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Inspiration from week 1/23

Another amazing week of game art! I hope that you view these pieces as inspiration to get you going on your next project, not as reasons why you should stop. Alot of the work seen here took alot of practice and effort to get to this point. So don’t give up. As someone very dear to me said, “Keep on keeping on.” I pass that saying on to you. 🙂  I look forward to seeing your work online or in the guild.

Also, Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it!

edgar-monteon-warwick-templateEdgar Monteon

mina-kimmina kim

zug-zug-s12Zug Zug

slava-gedich-icewarlusSlava Gedich

velenNick Pavlovsky

vlx-ost-unlitvlad ost

max-gon-hex-gifMax Gon

duy-khanh-nguyen-duy-nguyen-portfolio-201520Duy Khanh Nguyen

ben-hosac-benhosac-thecultist-aBen Hosac


Christoph Schoch

jimmy-xu-varian-masterJimmy Xu

<Diffuse name="Diffuse" export="True" abbreviation="d" extension="TGA" resolution="1" sharpen="True" grayscale="False" bitmode="8" as="FalsHenry Chen

mageKristen Malone

grace-liu-target-dummy-sheetGrace Liu

dimi-devos-ignicoredimi devos

katerina-rzhevska-2Katerina Rzhevska (2D Art!)

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By the way, GDC is coming up soon. It’s a game dev conference happening in San Francisco Feb 27 – March 3. If you are in the slack guild, don’t forget to vote on if you are going or not! Would love to meet with our members in person and maybe meet up for food. Have a great week!

Inspiration from week 1/9

Back again for another Inspiration Drop! So, I don’t know if you know….. But if you click the image, you will be sent to the Artstation page where it was originally found. AND SOMETIMES you’ll also see supporting images such as callouts, sketches, or a sketchfab viewer. those images! Hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter! Share with your friends, coworkers, or your social networks!

You can find us @ Twitter or Facebook. 🙂

By the way, GDC is coming up soon. It’s a game dev conference happening in San Francisco Feb 27 – March 3. If you are in the slack guild, don’t forget to vote on if you are going or not! Would love to meet with our members in person and maybe meet up for food. Have a great week!

l-f-jietuFei Liu

sleepypang-li-1sleepypang LI

dennis-griesheimer-screenshot000Dennis Griesheimer

leigh-ann-johnson-leighannjohnsonpropsLeigh-Ann Johnson

jacob-wheat-wheat-jacob-goblin-escape-artstation1Jacob Wheat

khoa-huynh-screenshot051Khoa Huynh

sunju-choi-fishaltar-portfoliosunju choi

gabe-gonzalez-shamanpropsGabe Gonzalez


Pigart @ Youtube

tyrone-alarcon-zenith-presentation2Tyrone Alarcon

joshua-singh-kidd-character-sheet-dark3Joshua Singh



David Harrington

del-gonidel goni

matheus-oliveira-aMatheus Oliveira

peter-gandia-archer-presentationPeter Gandia

first-keeper-valeera-base-final-01-1First Keeper

hao-z-final-presentationHao Z

dodo-huang-1dodo huang

brent-ladue-brent-ladue-dotasets-01Brent LaDue

oscar-monteon-ekko-post1Oscar Monteon

shem-dawson-judgement-image01Shem Dawson

That’s it for this week. More to come later! 😀

Inspiration from Week 1/2

Happy New Year everybody! It’s been a while since the last post, but I hope you were all too busy enjoying your time off and visiting family anyways! Now that everybody is most likely back at work and flexing their art muscles again, I present to you 2017s first Inspiration post!

As a note for the future, I’ll have to keep my commentary short this time around. It takes alot of time to put this together on top of work & regular guild stuff (I have been realizing), and adding commentary when I didn’t really have time for them felt forced. I obviously love all the entries that are placed here, and I really want to share this with everybody. So enjoy this newsletter despite the lack of personal commentary!



Battle Chasers: Nightwar updated their kickstarter blog. New update!


Antonio Neves at Polycount updated his Graveyard thread. New Update!


That’s it for now! Got alot more coming up in the next newsletter! Hope you have a great week and nice start to your new year. – Evolvyn

Inspiration from Week 11/14 & 11/21


Jerry Mascho created this concept for Blizzard’s Heartstone new Expansion, “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan”. Love that wood rendering! Find this at Artstation.


And here is an in-game view of another board he painted and modeled for Hearthstone’s “League of Explorers” Expansion. Find this on Artstation.

Check out his Artstation page for more Hearthstone related art!


I really like this concept by Xu Pengcheng. You can find this at Artstation. It’s the right kind of style for handpainted inspiration! You can more of his stylized concepts at his Artstation account.


Snafubar7 (aka Elliot Picarello) created this straight razor and posted it on Sketchfab! View more of his work at his Artstation account.


Polygonmonster (aka Giovanny Arce) created this wonderful 3D rendition of a concept art from John Polidara. This 2D image does it no justice, so please go check out the Sketchfab he uploaded of this. Find more of his work on his Artstation and Sketchfab accounts.

[vimeo 183760661 w=640 h=360]

Terrie Denman – Legion VFX Reel – 2016 from Terrie Denman on Vimeo.

It’s not often you get to see a VFX reel of somebody who worked on World of Warcraft. But Terrie Denman gives us a look at her work in an isolated environment! Go check her Vimeo and Artstation account for more effects videos!

As a workshop exercise for the Handpainter’s Guild, Sylveria (aka Leigh-Ann) choose a goat from WoW to paint. To top it off, she made a progress gif to show off how she went about making a 2D master copy of this 3D model. Great job, Sylveria!



Mafubash (aka. Matt B) created this Jolly Wizard and also made a progress gif to share with us! View this artwork on Artstation. And view more of his awesome handpainted artworks on his Artstation account.


Very sweet painting by Rudy Siswanto, who made this for the cinematic of Hearthstone’s “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” Expansion. Find this image and more at Artstation. You can view more of his work at his Artsation account.


You neeeeeeed to see this artwork by Pil Chang on Artstation. This was a Blizzard Student Art Contest Runner Up in 2015. AMAZING work. You can see more of Pil’s work on Artstation.


Aney Sieko created this artwork. Aney mentions that this is a concept, but it looks like a model! Might have actually meant to say model. In anycase, Aney has alot of Allods work on Artstation and a bunch of personal work that looks very cool! Please, don’t stop here, go check Aney’s Artstation too!



Yekaterina Bourykina strikes again with official work from League of Legends on her Artstation! (Congrats, Katia!) Like usual, she also posted a progress gif showing you her process. Don’t forget to view this artwork in Sketchfab too to get a better look at it. Can’t wait to see more of what Katia has in the works at Riot Games! See more of her work at Artstation.


Another really neat art drop from Peter Lee on his work in World of Warcraft. This time he has the Tauren Building on display at his Artstation for our viewing pleasure.


Ok…so I HAVE to call this one out. Rafael Zanchetin is an illustrator extraordinaire! He has been working on alot of illustrations for Hearthstone and included some sketches to show his process. It’s really really good. Go to his Artstation to see a ton more!

Beautiful progress from guildie, Nate! Follow him on Twitter to see his progress on this and other 3D environments!

Zug Zug has been working on so many props, this being one of them, and posting it up on Twitter. I love every single one of them!


Tomenjerry is back with more progress on his Undead Starting Zone on Polycount. Need more stylized foliage breakdowns in my life. Anybody down for making a tutorial on the subject? haha XP



A very well rendered backpack from guildie, Dennispls (aka. Dennis Griesheimer)! You can view this model in Sketchfab and on Artstation. He also created a small tutorial for how he started this model on Polycount. Follow his progress thread at Polycount and view his Artstation account.

League of Legend newest artwork! Found alot of this on @YBourykina ‘s Twitter. So I’d suggest following her for seeing more of this stuff! 😀



So Lance Wilkinson has a sale on his Handpainted Tutorial at Gumroad! It’s a very neat tutorial and at that price it’s a very good deal! You can view more of his work at his Artstation account.

Inspiration from Week 10/31

Back from BlizzCon! Sorry for the late post, been trying to compile all the different things I took pictures of and recorded! I will split up my BlizzCon post from this inspiration post. Kept the commentary short this time since I have so many things I want show you all along with this amazing round of handpainted works! Enjoy and keep an eye out for my next article.


Bitgem on Cubebrush

Check out Zug Zugs Twitter for more images of handpainted stuff!


Odonpachi at Polycount


Ariel Fain at Artstation

Cervine Centaur
by Kampfisken
on Sketchfab


Leo Liu at Artstation


Tohan Kim at Artstation


Josh Rawlings at Artstation


Jungmo Name at Artstation. Check out his Artstation for more Legion images!

Inspiration from Week 10/24

BlizzCon is LESS than a week away! I am extremely excited to be there for Blizzard’s 25th Anniversary! Will you guys be there? Or on the online viewing? I will be sure to have tons of pictures for you if you happen to miss it!

Here was last year’s photo album of BlizzCon: Link to Imgur Album

It was also Artstation Day on Oct 26th. A spontaneous holiday that I fully approve! I suggest visiting the Ten Thousand Hour FB group to see all the Artstation links that was posted! Find a new artist to admire and follow.

Last but not least, some bit of Guild News before we start the inspirations!

Guild News

New workshop will start this Tuesday, Nov. 1st!

We will be doing something a bit different than what we used to. We will dedicate a whole month to the theme, which this time around will be Fur! Details will be given on Tuesday in #the-workshop channel on Slack. If you are not familiar with #the-workshop, it’s a guild activity where we focus on a specific material and thru peer learning help each other get better at texture painting it. Participation does require Slack membership.

This was our last workshop, and you can find more of our older workshops here:


Now on to the Inspirations!


Nomad 33 has been hard at work making this sweet Battle Chasers fanart. You can check out his progress at Polycount as he continues to work on finishing this amazing character.


Antonio Neves is at it again! I’m looking forward to seeing more progress on this. Watch his progress at Polycount.


Ana Mendes (aka Zaphk) made some creatures for the DOTA 2 Workshop! They are all very cute! Look at the rest of the creatures on her Artstation.



Ivan Migay has recently posted a ton of images on characters he’s made for a couple of games.

See more here:

Royal Quest



Charlène Le Scanff (aka Catell-Ruz) posted a close up of the new Tyrande Hearthstone Card! See it here on Artstation, and other Heartstone cards on her account.


Yanagi on SketchFab posted a wonderful scene of this fairy prancing among her magical sparkles. View the scene here.



Drahkas Oguzalp Donduren posted some really neat concepts of mean looking….goblins? You can view one here and the other here on his Artstation. Though I highly recommend you check out the rest of his work on Artstation. He has more than just 2D on there, and they look equally amazing!

Inspiration from Week 10/17

So first off, Happy Anniversary to the Handpainter’s Guild! We’ve officially been around for a year and it’s been a great adventure. Thank you to all the members who have been around and kept this place going.

As of this week we have started a new extension to the guild over on Facebook!

It’ll be a community playground for getting feedback on your work, socializing with other handpainted lovers, and a place to share inspirational art.  It’s very much like what our Slack community is like. So come join us there or share the news with your friends.

Now on to the good stuff!



Peter Kyuyoung Lee shared the work he did on Legion at Artstation. He re-did some of the flying path mounts and made prop kits for different factions.

PigArt aka Laurynas Jurgila has really been working hard on these awesome looking weapons!
See more here:
Fire Staves
Curse Staves

As always, a pleasure to see more screenshots from Airshop Syndicate’s Battle Chasers game!


The rendering on this shield by Will Lieberman is so well done! I could easily see this in the game, but it’s actually fanart. See it in a 3D viewer and with callouts on his Artstation.



Ekaterina Shapovalova made these cute little pets for Allods! I wish pets in World of Warcraft and Allods could be shareable. You can see these guys on her Artstation.


Duy Khanh Nguyen is back again with another set he made for League of Legends! You see more of these guys in a 3D Viewer here.

Inspiration from Week 10/10

First, let me start off with an awesome lineup of the Star Guardians!!


Cody Blunt created this awesome skin for Poppy! You can see more of this artwork here and more of Cody’s work on his Artstation.


Duy Khanh Nguyen was the artist of this sweet skin for Jinx! You can see more of her with some really nice prop callouts here and more of Duy’s work on his Artstation or on the extra links that he provided on the left here.

I have been personally following Duy’s work and I also have to recommend everybody checking out his Blogspot. I’m not sure how much of the stuff there is also in his Artstation, but browse his Sketchbook and Traditional Art to get an idea of the breadth of his abilities as an artist. It’s not just all game art, there’s foundation behind it too. 🙂


Maddy Taylor Kenyon has created many beautiful skins for League of Legends, and this time shes made the amazing skins for SG Lux and SG Lulu!


See more of Lux here and more of Lulu here. You can find more of her work on Artstation or on the many social networks she has listed on the left side of the site here.


Not a Star Guardian but just as freakin’ amazing. (If not more so, cuz…FOLIAGE!) Daniel Orive made really great breakdowns of the assets & texture sheets for this guy. There are two pages for Ivern:

Page 1 – In Game Model Breakdown

Page 2 – Concept and Zbrush Breakdown

See more of Daniel’s work on Artstation or at the other places hes listed on the left of here.

Blizzard recently mentioned the Sketchfab “Legion” Fanart Contest that ended a while back. It’s nice to see all these amazing entries again!

And since we’re on the topic of the Legion Contest, special shoutout to Michael Barrington who is a member of the Handpainter’s Guild and created an amazing entry that deserves an encore aswell!


See this image as a Sketchfab here with texture and design callouts included. And view his work on Artstation!

Note: Handpainter’s Guild did not help him in creating this, we were just so happy to see him work so hard and make something cool!


Anatoly Dragunov has posted A TON of new work on his contribution to Allods! Please…go to his Artstation and view them all!