Inspiration from Week 10/31

Back from BlizzCon! Sorry for the late post, been trying to compile all the different things I took pictures of and recorded! I will split up my BlizzCon post from this inspiration post. Kept the commentary short this time since I have so many things I want show you all along with this amazing round of handpainted works! Enjoy and keep an eye out for my next article.


Bitgem on Cubebrush

Check out Zug Zugs Twitter for more images of handpainted stuff!


Odonpachi at Polycount


Ariel Fain at Artstation

Cervine Centaur
by Kampfisken
on Sketchfab


Leo Liu at Artstation


Tohan Kim at Artstation


Josh Rawlings at Artstation


Jungmo Name at Artstation. Check out his Artstation for more Legion images!

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