Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful break, some time to yourself, time with family, and a renewed drive to be a better you in the year 2019!

It’s always a pleasure to see new and familiar faces in the guild. And as of today we’ve grown to 896 members! Our resources have also grown, but they are kinda all over the internet. So I’m working on updating our guild site! Current version – https://handpaintersguild.com/

And I need some thing from you guys, if you can help!

If you have done an interview or process article, ping me with a link in the #lounge! @Azaraen I want to gather all that awesome information for people to find in a convenient hub page! It will link out to where those things are hosted.

I am excited to show you the site someday! I’m sure it will be a great place for artists interested in advancing their experience with handpainting, with room for scaling to other related subjects! For now, stay patient and keep up the great work everybody! Thank you!!

Written by Azaraen