Inspiration from week 1/9

Back again for another Inspiration Drop! So, I don’t know if you know….. But if you click the image, you will be sent to the Artstation page where it was originally found. AND SOMETIMES you’ll also see supporting images such as callouts, sketches, or a sketchfab viewer. those images! Hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter! Share with your friends, coworkers, or your social networks!

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By the way, GDC is coming up soon. It’s a game dev conference happening in San Francisco Feb 27 – March 3. If you are in the slack guild, don’t forget to vote on if you are going or not! Would love to meet with our members in person and maybe meet up for food. Have a great week!

l-f-jietuFei Liu

sleepypang-li-1sleepypang LI

dennis-griesheimer-screenshot000Dennis Griesheimer

leigh-ann-johnson-leighannjohnsonpropsLeigh-Ann Johnson

jacob-wheat-wheat-jacob-goblin-escape-artstation1Jacob Wheat

khoa-huynh-screenshot051Khoa Huynh

sunju-choi-fishaltar-portfoliosunju choi

gabe-gonzalez-shamanpropsGabe Gonzalez


Pigart @ Youtube

tyrone-alarcon-zenith-presentation2Tyrone Alarcon

joshua-singh-kidd-character-sheet-dark3Joshua Singh



David Harrington

del-gonidel goni

matheus-oliveira-aMatheus Oliveira

peter-gandia-archer-presentationPeter Gandia

first-keeper-valeera-base-final-01-1First Keeper

hao-z-final-presentationHao Z

dodo-huang-1dodo huang

brent-ladue-brent-ladue-dotasets-01Brent LaDue

oscar-monteon-ekko-post1Oscar Monteon

shem-dawson-judgement-image01Shem Dawson

That’s it for this week. More to come later! 😀