Workshop: Character Bust

We’ve had two months of sprints, so now it is time for a larger workshop! For the month of March we’re going back to the more traditional month long workshop. These longer workshops will be more in depth and allow you to focus on one project as opposed to multiple short turnarounds.

For this month we’re going to create a character bust. This is commonly from torso/shoulders up, but feel free to make it how you want. You can go as simple or complex as you desire with constraints so long as the end product is diffuse only (Alpha is ok too.) As for the character that’s up to you as well. It can be a rouge’ish humanoid, a sultry robot, or even a dog that fancies himself a chef!

Feel free to post your progress in #the-workshop where you can give and receive focused critiques. Don’t forget to gather and show reference so that we can more accurately critique your work. That being said, your reference does not have to match what you’re making but is more of a style guide so we know where you would like to land.

If you’re unsure about the Workshop and what’s allowed, you can contact the @Guild Associate ! Also, check the pinned messages in #the-workshop for complimentary models you can use if you want to get started right away.

Lastly, have fun, good luck!

Written by Nickelbeer