Workshop: Foliage

May workshop time! For this month the topic will be “Foliage”.

  • Week 1 & 2 – Trees!
  • Week 3 & 4 – Ground Clutter

Starting today feel free to post your progress in #the-workshop where you can give and receive focused critiques. Keep your projects simple! The goal is to practice new things, learn, and move on. You may have noticed that we’ve made the sprints two weeks instead of the previous one week. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the rush and pressure people felt while being able to keep things loose.

Pick a target to work towards and gather reference. We want to see reference from so that we can more accurately critique your work. That being said, your reference can be from anything from a game to a traditional painting.

Lastly, have fun, good luck!

Written by Nickelbeer