Inspiration from week 1/23

Another amazing week of game art! I hope that you view these pieces as inspiration to get you going on your next project, not as reasons why you should stop. Alot of the work seen here took alot of practice and effort to get to this point. So don’t give up. As someone very dear to me said, “Keep on keeping on.” I pass that saying on to you. 🙂  I look forward to seeing your work online or in the guild.

Also, Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it!

edgar-monteon-warwick-templateEdgar Monteon

mina-kimmina kim

zug-zug-s12Zug Zug

slava-gedich-icewarlusSlava Gedich

velenNick Pavlovsky

vlx-ost-unlitvlad ost

max-gon-hex-gifMax Gon

duy-khanh-nguyen-duy-nguyen-portfolio-201520Duy Khanh Nguyen

ben-hosac-benhosac-thecultist-aBen Hosac


Christoph Schoch

jimmy-xu-varian-masterJimmy Xu

<Diffuse name="Diffuse" export="True" abbreviation="d" extension="TGA" resolution="1" sharpen="True" grayscale="False" bitmode="8" as="FalsHenry Chen

mageKristen Malone

grace-liu-target-dummy-sheetGrace Liu

dimi-devos-ignicoredimi devos

katerina-rzhevska-2Katerina Rzhevska (2D Art!)

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You can find us @ Twitter or Facebook🙂

By the way, GDC is coming up soon. It’s a game dev conference happening in San Francisco Feb 27 – March 3. If you are in the slack guild, don’t forget to vote on if you are going or not! Would love to meet with our members in person and maybe meet up for food. Have a great week!

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